2021 Student Research Poster Contest Award Winners

First Place
The Merits of Adopting Biometric Technology in Airport Security Checkpoints
First place Joanna Chang, Joseph Haines, and Hayes Yang - Purdue University

Second Place
Safety Management of Wildlife Hazards to Aviation: An analysis of Wildlife Strikes in Part 139 Airports in Florida
Tiago D. de Tella - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Third Place
Visualizing Aviation Safety Studies and Insights
Dongyang Li - Purdue University

First Place
Using Data Analytics and Visualization to Facilitate Academic Literature Review
Sen Wang - Purdue University

Second Place
Stress, Wellbeing, Culture, and COVID-19 Among Aviation Professionals: A Cross-Cultural Study to Support Wellbeing
Daniel Scalese - University of Southern California

Third Place
Using the PEAR Framework to Study the Relationship Between Aviation Safety, Maintenance Documentation, and Human Factors
Natalie Zimmerman - Purdue University