2023 Student Research Poster Contest Award Winners

First place - $500
Mental Health In Aviation: A Study of Aviation Students on Their Perceptions of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Rules Governing Mental Health
Laila Stein - Western Michigan University

Second place - $250
Decoding Politics in International Aviation: Influencing Commercial Aviation Growth Across the African Continent 
Prakash Limbu - ERAU - Daytona Beach

Third place - $100
Immersive Simulation Technologies in EMU’s Aviation Program Graduate category 
Ibrahim Aldhaibani & Haven Noll - Eastern Michigan University

First place - $500
Emerging Psychological Factors & Student Pilots Resilience During the Pandemic

Xinyu Lu - Purdue University

Second place - $250
Machine Learning - Hail Awareness Spatial Analysis Toolkit (HASAT)

Haoruo Fu - Purdue University

Third place - $100
The Nextgen Cybersecurity for U.S. Airports

Mosladdin Mohammad Shueb - Eastern Michigan University