2019 Student Research Poster Contest Award Winners

First Place
Cost Savings of LED Lighted Runways
Nicholas Daniel and Leanni Tibbetts - Florida Institute of Technology

Second Place
Android Application Development for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Muhammad Shahrukh Khan and Lazib Jamil - University of Management and Technology

Third Place
Charged Warriors: An Analysis of Aircraft Battery Actions at FITA
Kevin Hudgins and Juan R. Lopez - Florida Institute of Technology

First Place
The Relationship of Hofstede's Individualism Cultural Framework to Aircraft ASAP Reporting in the United States Aviation
Christopher Groom and Joao Garcia - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

Second Place
Using the Autopilot During Initial Jet Transition Training: The Effect on Student Learning
Joshua Steigerwald - Delta State University

Third Place
Averting Disaster in Airplane Automation
Curtis Taylor - Purdue University