2020 Collegiate Aviation Conference & Expo

 UAA Cancels 73rd Annual Collegiate Aviation Conference 

    I am deeply saddened to report that the 2020 UAA Collegiate Aviation Education Conference is canceled. In the best interest of our members, our sponsors, and our industry, University Aviation

Association Board of Trustees has voted to cancel this years premier education event scheduled September 29-Oct 2, 2020. Collegiate aviation education seminars will be held 100% virtual for the remainder of the year.

   The Board discussed several options and alternatives and concluded that the only sound option was to cancel the conference. We polled the membership and worked through the options for rescheduling, but have determined that the best decision for UAA is to cancel large events for the remainder of 2020. The decision was ultimately based on two factors: an abundance of caution for the safety of our members and the financial health of the association.

   Registered attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors will have the option

of automatically applying their registration fees to the 2021 conference rescheduled for October 6-8, 2021 in Memphis, or receiving a refund.

   We are actively shifting our focus to building virtual education and career events to meet the current need as many colleges and universities continue online only. We understand the importance of having a forum where all involved with Collegiate Aviation can gather to share best practices, lessons learned, panel discussions, and current and future research.

   Presentations at an International venue are also critical for faculty tenure and promotion. I have instructed the UAA Executive Director to work with the Board and Committees to develop a virtual platform and schedule to allow the peer-reviewed presentations and panels to be held virtually, recorded, and made available to the membership.

   Sharing of information is critical, especially in times of crisis. We are also expanding the use of forums on the UAA Member webpage. The Message Board is a forum service provided to the UAA membership to facilitate timely discussions, share best practices and lessons learned, and connect members.

   The Message Board Flight Training During COVID-19 was the first created on March 18th to allow members to share information and resources pertaining to flight training during the pandemic. Other Message Boards are also now available and I encourage everyone to participate and stay connected while we stay


   The UAA was created 73 years ago to connect collegiate aviation with information and resources to provide the most effective aviation education in the world. We will survive this pandemic and use the lessons learned to strengthen and continue the mission of UAA to provide a platform for all of College Aviation worldwide.