Poster Contest 2017 Winners


FIRST PLACE: Role of Pilot Error and Crew Resource Management in Runway Excursion Accidents involving Part 121 Operators
Albert Ma - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach; Leo Murphy, Faculty Advisor

SECOND PLACE: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Flight Students’ Perceptions of Aviation Safety Reporting Systems
Maarten Edwards, Michael Chiu, Qiaoxu Ye, Jonathan Wang, Horace Cheung, Scott R. Winter, & Steven Leib - Florida Institute of Technology


FIRST PLACE: Sources of Psychological Stress on Student Pilots during Flight Training
Shuyao Wu, Ting Xu, Cheng Wang - Purdue University; Dr. Richard O. Fanjoy, Faculty Advisor

SECOND PLACE: A Flight Crew Guide to the Mitigation of Bird Strikes to Aircraft: A Case Study
Flavio A. C. Mendonca - Purdue University; Dr. Richard O. Fanjoy, Faculty Advisor

THIRD PLACE: Safety Analysis of General Aviation Runway Operations
Ryan Dittoe - The Ohio State University; Dr. Seth Young, Dr. Arjun Rao, Faculty Advisors