Poster Contest 2014 Winners


A3IR - CORE - The Advanced Aviation Analytics Institute for Research a Center Of Research Excellence
Mark Ball, Purdue University College of Technology; John Mott, Faculty Advisor

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Flight Deck Laser Illumination Events: A Study to Mitigate Crew Exposure
Joseph Burlas, Steven Emmert, Jacob Luedtke, Matthew Moy, Lewis University

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How to Improve the Reporting Culture of Bird Strike Related Incidents: A Review of Regulatory Systems in the EU and North America
Lukas Rudari, Lauren A. Sperlak, Robert C. Geske, Purdue University; Chien-Tsung Lu, Faculty Advisor

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Stressors and Coping Strategies among Collegiate Flight Instructors
Jennifer E. Kirschner, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Erin E. Bowen, Purdue University; Richard O. Fanjoy, Thomas Q. Carney, Faculty Advisors

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A Geospatial Analysis of Fatal General Aviation Accidents
Michael Deer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide

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Examination of Bankruptcy Prediction Models: An Empirical Analysis of American Airlines
Yousef Almomani, York College; Chun-Pin Hsu, Faculty Advisors

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Landing and Takeoff Cycle Flight Data Processing
Matthew Prall, Air Transport Institute for Environmental Sustainability (Air TIES), Purdue University Aviation Technology; Mary Johnson, Faculty Advisor

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Systemic and Emotional Analysis of Continental 1404
Logan Abner, Michele Kelley, Zachary Hutcherson; Middle Tennessee State University Aerospace

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