Past Presidents

The dates listed below represent the later time period of the individual's term. For instance, a president who began his/her term in Fall 1971 (Gary Kiteley) would be listed under 1972.

2018    Dr. David Ison
2017    Dr. C. Daniel Prather
2016    Dr. Suzanne Kearns
2015    Dr. Mary Niemczyk
2014    Dr. Julie Speakes
2013    Dr. Jose R. Ruiz
2012    Bruce Chase
2011    Dr. R. Kurt Barnhart
2010    Dr. David A. NewMyer
2009    Dr. David M. Conway
2008    Captain John P. Young
2007    Dr. Guy M. Smith
2006    Allan Skramstad
2005    Dr. Henry L. Taylor
2004    Dr. Gerald P. Chubb
2003    Dr. Jack L. Sellers
2002    Dr. Mavis F. Green
2001    Dr. C. Elaine McCoy
2000    Dr. Larry G. Carstenson
1999    Dr. Frank G. Mitchell
1998    Dr. Isaac R. Nettey
1997    Dr. Jacqueline B. Sanders
1996    Dr. Henry R. Lehrer
1995    James E. Crehan
1994    Dr. Tim Brady
1993    Dr. Peggy (Baty) Chabrian
1992    Robert K. Mock (deceased)
1991    Herbert B. Armstrong
1990    Dr. Thomas J. Connolly
1989    Dr. Stacy Weislogel
1988    William T. Hemphill (deceased)
1987    Paul A. Whelan (deceased)
1986    Dr. Hope B. Thornberg (18 months)
1985    Lee Ohrt
1984    Dr. Michael A. Schukert
1983    Dean S. Hartley (deceased)
1982    Robert H. Ryder
1981    Gail Phares
1980    Forrest Daniel Reece, Jr.
1979    Frances Sargent
1978    Randall C. Wood (deceased)
1977    Daniel Sain
1976    Clare Westley
1975    Oliver Laine
1974    Gene Seibert
1973    Wayne White
1972    Gary W. Kiteley
1971    John Odegard (deceased)
1970    G. Courtney Chapman
1969    Charles Bowman
1968    James R. Maris (deceased)
1967    Harold S. Wood (deceased)
1966    Thomas E. Leonard
1965    Tiner Lapsley
1964    Jack Eggspuehler
1963    Wes Sharp
1962    Harold S. Wood (deceased)
1961    Hoyte E. Walkup
1960    Dr. Frank Sorenson
1959    Carl. E. Guell
1958    Kenneth Newland
1957    Carl. E. Guell
1956    K. Richard (Dick) Johnson
1955    K. Richard (Dick) Johnson*
1954    K. Richard (Dick) Johnson
1953    Eugene Kropf (deceased)
1952    Eugene Kropf (deceased)
1951    Glenn O. Rucker
1950    Kenneth E. Newland
1949    Dr. Leslie A. Bryan (deceased)
1948    Dr. Merlyn McLaughlin
1947    Dr. Merlyn McLaughlin

* K. Richard Johnson was elected by default since no election meeting was held in 1954. An election was held in 1955 to confirm Johnson's reappointment and to vote in a president-elect (Charles Elmlinger). Elmlinger was unable to take office for 1955-1956, and Johnson was re-elected by default for a third term.